Windows, From “Porch Light (Lamp and Chair)”

Piano – Ryan Tanaka
Viola – Deanna Lynn
Narration – Hayden Bennett

Poem by Joshua Beckman from the book, Porch Light (Lamp and Chair)



No strange light
as lead making little marks
on the trees on the field
where wasps the smoky bluish air.
I am not encumbered by those things
beneath your spread coat portend.
I’m going to call this poem windows,
win-dows win-dows
repeat as strange song in head
until bus comes.
The red light wire
which is like a needle
thread through the ear of a sleeping girl
or boy, I can never tell,
hung there thinly dazzling.
I’m gonna call this poem porch light,
porch light porch light.
Over the hillside with magnificent ritual
they strode, their eyes
scanning the treetops to see
a branch right for a funeral box,
a grass hinge in the fire fluttering.

—-Joshua Beckman