Tangerine.fmWelcome to Tangerine Music Labs! We’re an improv-based music group that makes soundtracks on the fly.

We also make Let’s Play videos with said music in the background, sometimes. Sometimes we even make mods for games that lets you hear our tracks directly in-game. Our style is a mix of Tangerine Dream, IDM, ambient music, and a little bit of classical here and there. If you like ambient jams, that’s our thing!

Check out our YouTube page for past streams, performances, gameplay videos, and performances-turned-into-music-tracks. Aside from supporting us directly on Patreon, the best thing you can do is subscribe and stream our music (for free) on YouTube itself!

All patronage will go towards expenses, food, rent — the bare necessities to keep these projects going. Extra money will go towards equipment upgrades, maintenance, and research projects related to gaming, interactivity, and music. Stay tuned for more interesting projects to come!