Tangerine.fmWelcome to Tangerine Music Labs! We explore new forms of musical performance, composition, and improvisation in progressive forms.

Our members include Ryan Tanaka (piano), Deanna Lynn (viola), Hayden Bennett (piano and accordion), Emily Loynachan (voice), Tre Ulseth (guitar). In 2013, we began to improvise together at the University of Southern California, and had discovered a natural synergy between us that translated into passionate and dynamic performance experiences. In April, USC’s Brain and Creativity Institute hosted our first performance at Camilleri Hall.

Our concerts typically consist of a few shorter pieces, which may include settings of poems, cover songs, or free improv, plus a 20-30 minute “jam,” where we take the audience on a meditative, high-intensity, narrative journey through different sonic landscapes.

As an ensemble, we also explore new and innovative approaches toward the music making process: interactive performances, live soundtracking for film, background ambiance, new/trans-media collaborative projects, live-action gaming, and concert events.

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